Eat Some Fried Foods

fried food tastes good during a hangoverNow we’ve all heard about not drinking on an empty stomach. But for some reason we all do it more often than not. I mean who would want to stop drinking to get all stuffed and bloated on food only to ruin a good buzz?

Generally anything with carbs is good baked potatoes, bread, cracker or rice. Even burgers, tacos or other fast food will do the trick. However one of my personal favorites is fried or fatty foods. Although eating fried or fatty foods the morning after will most likely irritate a drinker’s stomach more than it already is, eating them before drinking can actually be useful. Putting something in the stomach prior to consuming alcohol helps prevent a hangover, but fatty foods in particular work very will by sticking to the stomach lining longer and therefore slowing down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. While this might make it take longer to feel the alcohol’s effects, it will also give your body more time to process the byproducts and will increase a drinker’s chances of feeling not so hung over the next morning. In fact the Mediterranean folk tactic is to take a spoonful of olive oil before drinking alcohol.

Whatever you do don’t eat too much because doing so can be a BUZZKILL. And you will most likely end up lethargic and ready for bed.