My Friends Comforter: by Meghan

stain on comforterOn New Years I was hanging out in my friends bedroom with her boyfriend. We were just sitting there, talking and listening to music. I had a drink in my hand and right when my friend opened the door and came into the room I dropped my drink and it got all over her comforter. Her boyfriend and I, being dumb drunks, decided that we should go wash it. It took us 25 min to find the light switch and another 25 to make the washer work. The washer wouldn’t work so we decided to put it in the dryer. Her comforter is stained now and every time I go over her house i always laugh a little when I see the stain.


  1. Cath says

    It’s a Friday night and we just brought some booze, we missioned it to a friends house who was having a party and we were all outside singing. Before I knew it I was pissed and me and my friend were crashed out in his bath tub. We ended Up sleeping there.
    The next day I started drinking again at 2pm and then was wandering around town all night with another crate. We ended up at my friends caravan and started smoking 1 of about 13 bong mixes. I don’t know when I feel asleep but I woke up with someone ontop of me. Now I’m at home from school feeling sooooo shit that the only thing I can do is write this post XD was a good weekend!!!!

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